Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

Folks are posting their lists of ten unique things they've done. Mine has fewer famous people than John Scalzi's and not as many puppets as Mary Robinette Kowal's. She's met Muppets.
  1. Been bitten by a penguin (specifically, the penguin I'm staring at in my profile picture).
  2. Pet a wolf (who, unlike the penguin, did not bite me)
  3. Sprained my foot in a knitting accident (Note that says foot, not ankle)
  4. Shot a hole in someone's living room floor (With their permission) (Sort of)
  5. Bought a one-way airline ticket in cash and arrived at the airport without luggage.
  6. Surprised my family by showing up unexpectedly on Christmas morning. If you want adventure, I'd seriously recommend #5 before trying this.
  7. Almost got married without realizing it
  8. Hot wired a car
  9. Got TSA agents to hum the Indiana Jones theme
  10. Moved cross-country by mailing all of my worldly possessions parcel post (except for the file cabinet, which went by air cargo)

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Charles Stuart said...

OK. I'll play. The following are the detritus of a life lived never knowing what you want to do when you grow up:

1. Shared tea with a class of 8-year-old girls in front of Darius's tomb.

2. Came within a hair's breadth of shipwreck in the North sea.

3. Was mistaken by a tourist from Queens for a native Londoner, and berated by said tourist for the sorry state of "my" country.

4. Shared a half-hour of intimate silence with mother, father, and adolescent whooping cranes.

5. Drove -- well, was driven -- from Iran to Kuwait and from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait.

6. Discovered what was at the time not known -- indeed was thought to be false -- that children as young as four perceive the musical scale just as adults do.

7. Was offered the landlordship of a country pub and restaurant in Suffolk.

8. Spent a day climbing over, under, and around the huge Buddhist pyramid at Borobudur, Java.

9. Occupied box seats for Covent Garden's production of The Marriage of Figaro.

10. Toured the Everglades canoe trails in a kayak of my own construction.