Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live MouseBlogging

The first installment here will be on tape delay. About an hour ago, I saw an example of your standard issue field mouse scampering across the living room floor into the kitchen. I don't much blame it, since it is 22 degrees outside and we have roughly 2 feet of residual snow covering anything that would pass for a field around here.

About half an hour ago, Chakaal decided to get her 18 pounds, 14 ounces of inborn mousing ability trotting into the kitchen. She is now staring at a nook where, I assume, the mouse is hiding. The other two cats are taking the flanks.

More if it happens.


Anonymous said...

Common cats, make me proud! Chessie, I know you can pounce and claw. I slept on a flat air mattress for 5 days because of you when you were a kitten and my feet felt like pincushions. I will humbly ask your forgiveness for kicking you into the wall after that if you catch the rodent or assist in the death of the vile creature!


Anonymous said...

When we first got the cat we have now, it never showed the slightest tendency to play with any moving article. That night, we put it to bed in our outhouse; the following morning, a mouse was found, dead, in the middle of the floor.

We have not seen it catch anything since.