Monday, February 02, 2009

Public Service Announcement

We here at Penguin Perspectives would like to take this Groundhog's Day to remind everyone--especially those who cringed at 8 years of fearing "nukular" weapons--that we are now two days into a month that contains 2 R's (thus, I suppose, making it safe to eat twice as many oysters) and no double-o combination.

"Feb-you-air-ee" is going on my list of Things That Get People's Larynx Privileges Revoked.

And for our UK reader(s), yes we have looked up element #13 on the periodic table, with pronunciation guide, and yes we are astounded.


Rachel said...


Good time for beer.

Anonymous said...

From your UK readership: Does your astonishment at element #13 lead you to pronounce it correctly?

Do you Colonials have as much difficulty with "Library", as with "February"?